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Acute cholangitis

DIAGNOSIS Clinical signs and symptoms Fever Jaundice Abdominal pain Laboratory markers White blood cell C-reactive protein Total bilirubin Direct bilirubin Alkaline phosphatase Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase Aspartate aminotransferase ...

Cutaneous abscesses

To be considered a simple abscess, induration and erythema should be limited only to a defined area of the abscess and should not extend...

Post-operative peritonitis

DIAGNOSIS Clinical signs and symptoms • Fever • Abdominal pain • Abdominal tenderness The atypical clinical presentation may be responsible for a delay in diagnosis and reintervention or reoperation. Laboratory...

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Principles of antibiotic prophylaxis in surgery

Principles of appropriate antibiotic prophylaxis in surgery 1. Antibiotics alone are unable to prevent surgical site infections. Strategies to prevent surgical site infections should always...

POSSUM score

Criteria Point Value Age (Years) <60 1 61-70 2 >71 4 Cardiac Signs No Failure 1 Diuretic, Digoxin, antianginal or antihypertensive therapy 2 Peripheral edema, anticoagulant therapy 4 Raised JVP 8 Chest X-Ray Normal 1 Borderline cardiomegaly 4 Cardiomegaly 8 Respiratory History No Dyspnoea 1 Dyspnoea on exertion 2 Limiting dyspnea (one flight of...

Complex skin and subcutaneous abscesses

Complex skin and subcutaneous abscesses are typically well circumscribed and respond to incision and drainage. Antibiotic therapy should be used if systemic signs of infection...
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Website managers

  Belinda De Simone   Antonio Tarasconi   Cristian Tranà

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Mannheim peritonitis index

Criteria Point Value Age >50 years 5 Female sex 5 Organ failure 7 Malignancy 4 Origin of sepsis not colonic 4 Diffuse generalized peritonitis 6 Preoperative duration of peritonitis >24 h 4 Intraperitoneal exudates Clear 0 Cloudy, purulent 6 Fecal 12   Organ failure: Kidney failure: Cratinine level...

Principles of antibiotic therapy in surgery

Principles of antibiotic therapy in surgery 1. The source of infection should always be identified and controlled as soon as possible. 2. Antibiotic empiric therapy should...
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